OPMC Annual Statistics

When an individual believes that a medical professional committed some sort of misconduct that is not permitted by the New York State Department of Health, they have the right to submit a complaint. The Office of Professional Medical Conduct has the difficult job of investigating any complaints or accusations against medical professionals in New York State. The Board of Professional Medical Conduct released a report regarding all of the actions, complaints, and investigations of medical professionals that were conducted throughout 2016.

There are over 110,500 registered physicians in New York State, all of whom are overseen by the Board of Professional Medical Conduct. The Board is made up of a total of 91 members, 68 of which are physicians, with the remaining members not being medical professionals. The report found that in 2016, there were 10,206 complaints received. It also states that during 2016, the Board imposed 421 final actions, with 333 of them being very serious matters that involved the restriction, loss, or suspension of a medical license. In addition, the average length of time it took for the OPMC to complete an investigation was 304 days, which is actually less time than it took in 2015.

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