OPMC Complaints vs. Civil Complaints

What Organization Monitors Doctors?

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct receives and investigates complaints about physicians, physician assistants, and special assistants. The OPMC also monitors practitioners who are subject to any order of the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct. The OPMC can decide what action should be taken against a medical professional as well. The OPMC may decide that the results of an investigate warrant the medical professional be disciplined, reprimanded, or they may implement practice limitations. In more serious situations, a medical professional’s license may be revoked or suspended,

OPMC Complaint Versus Civil Complaint for Malpractice

If a patient files a complaint against a medical professional with the OPMC, the organization can investigate the claims and the medical professional in question. A complaint does not always mean that the medical professional is liable for malpractice. However, a complaint may lead to disciplinary actions.

Conversely, if the medical professional caused a patient harm as a result of negligence or illegal activity, for example, there may be potential for a civil complaint against the medical professional. In the latter scenario, a medical professional may be subject to both discimp0lary action by the OPMC and a civil lawsuit.

Is a Medical Professional Required to Tell me of Misconduct?

Medical professionals do not have to necessarily inform their patients of any malpractice, complaints, or other claims. However, patients have the ability to search physicians on the Department of Health website to see if they have any misconduct to discipline.

If you have received a letter from the OPMC stating someone made a complaint against you and an investigation will be conducted, it is essential that you contact a medical defense attorney as soon as possible. Additionally, if you receive a civil lawsuit asserting claims of negligence, you should contact an attorney immediately.

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