Physicians Without Insurance

One of the worst things that can happen to a medical professional is when they receive a letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. There are a wide array of reasons that a person may submit a complaint to the OPMC about a medical professional including substance abuse, sexual misconduct, billing fraud, and even being a medical professional without any insurance. This is one of the trickiest situations a medical professional can find themselves in and may actually result in very expensive litigation.

If you failed to purchase the “tail” of your Claims Made Medical malpractice Insurance Policy, you may be named a defendant in a malpractice case. This coverage is supposed to be for anything that happens after they retire. If you have been notified of a complaint related to being uninsured, you should get in contact with your former insurer as soon as possible. You may get lucky and find that the insurance company will settle for you. The only thing with this is that you may have to pay back the insurance company. However, if the insurance company does not defend your claim, you may find yourself in a very difficult legal situation.

Any time your credibility as a medical professional is threatened, it is essential that you retain the services of an experienced medical defense attorney who has the skill you need to defend your future and protect your reputation.

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