What Are the Consequences of Losing a Medical License?

You may be a medical professional who seems to perform miracles every day in how you treat your patients. But at the end of the day, you are just a human who is prone to making a mistake here and there. But this becomes a bigger problem if the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) believes that your mistake was made out of sheer negligence. Here, the board may ultimately decide to temporarily suspend your medical license. Read on to discover the conceivable consequences that come after losing your medical license and how one of the seasoned OPMC/OPD misconduct defense lawyers at Walker Medical Law can help you salvage this blunder.

What are the conceivable consequences of losing my medical license?

Losing your medical license means that the OPMC board is asking you to stop practicing medicine temporarily. They may ask you to do so if they conclude that you have fallen below the standard of care established by other New York State medical professionals. If having your medical license temporarily suspended is not enough of a consequence, the potential penalties that may come afterward read as follows:

  • You may be dropped by your insurance provider: that is, certain insurance providers drop their policyholders even if their board certification is only temporarily lost.
  • You may lose your steady stream of income: that is, you may lose your main source of revenue and struggle to obtain gainful employment outside of the medical field.
  • You may have your reputation damaged: that is, you may have difficulties in getting employed in the medical field even after your license is restored.
  • You may have to face legal action: that is, the victim of your alleged misconduct may file a medical malpractice claim against you.

What can I do to get my medical license restored?

You must understand that your medical license does not get automatically restored when your suspension period is over. Rather, you must be granted permission by the OPMC board.

First of all, in New York State, you must wait at least three years before you apply for medical license restoration. Then, within this application, you must supply certain pieces of documentation. For example, you may have to provide proof that you have been completing continuing medical education requirements even while you were not practicing. What’s more, you may also be required to undergo certain medical skills evaluations and medical retraining programs. This is not to mention your having to pay the mandatory renewal fee of approximately $600.

When restoring your medical license, there is no other than one of the competent OPMC/OPD misconduct defense lawyers to have in your corner. So please get in touch with us at Walker Medical Law today.