What Does OPMC’s Disciplinary Action Entail?

As a medical professional, likely your worst fear is to be subject to an investigation and hearing by the New York State Health Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). This is because what may follow is serious penalties. Follow along to find out what OPMC’s disciplinary action consists of and how one of the proficient New York physician defense lawyers at Walker Medical Law can work to reduce or eliminate these penalties.

Why might I be in trouble with the OPMC?

To be subject to disciplinary action by the OPMC in the first place, there must be some suspicion surrounding your practice of medical misconduct. That is, a patient, colleague, or employer may bring such potential misconduct to the attention of the OPMC via filing a formal complaint. An individual may complain about any of the following practices:

  • An individual may complain that you were willfully harassing, abusing, or intimidating a patient.
  • An individual may complain that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs while practicing.
  • An individual may complain that you were promoting the sale of goods, services, drugs, or appliances in a way that exploited the patient.
  • An individual may complain that you were abandoning or neglecting a patient at a time when they required immediate care.
  • An individual may complain that you were keeping an insufficient record of your patient; which inaccurately represented their medical evaluation.
  • An individual may complain that you were revealing personal information about a patient without their consent; except as authorized or required by law.

With any of the aforementioned practices, the OPMC may be prompted to investigate you and subsequently summon you to a hearing. From there, the board may decide on a suitable form of disciplinary action.

What does OPMC’s disciplinary action consist of?

Namely, if the OPMC finds you guilty of medical misconduct, then you may be facing any or all of the following disciplinary action:

  • Disciplinary action toward your medical license:
    • The permanent revocation of your medical license.
    • The temporary suspension of your medical license; until you complete retraining, education, rehabilitation, or any other enforced requirements.
    • The restriction of your medical license from a specified area or type of practice.
    • The annulment of your medical license registration.
  • Other types of disciplinary action:
    • A fine of up to $10,000 for each finding of medical misconduct.
    • A community service order of up to 500 hours.
    • A censure letter of reprimand; also known as a letter of strong disapproval for the wrongful actions you committed and the punishment that you can expect for it.

When it comes to your OPMC investigation and hearing, you need one of the talented New York physician defense lawyers by your side. This is why you must contact Walker Medical Law today.