What does the Board of Regents consider during cases?

The Board of Regents reviews the process of when doctors are being disciplined for their wrongdoings when practicing medicine. This board takes into account all aspects of the case and tries to decide a proper punishment. If you show signs of remorse for your actions, they may forgive you for your indiscretions and allow you to continue with your career. However, it is important to acquire legal counsel for these cases as you do not want your livelihood to be lost.

Your license is at the discretion of the state. They are the entity that gives you the right to practice medicine and gives you your medical professional title. This is considered to be a privilege. It is not given without being earned by hard work.

Can my medical license be restored after revocation?

After your license is revoked, it can be a difficult thing to cope with. You may have lost your passion and your livelihood. This can lead to a trying time in your life. However, you can apply to have your medical license restored. You must first wait a certain period of time, which can be three years. You cannot apply right after it is revoked. When submitting an application to have your license restored, a check of $750 is required to the State Education Department. Then you will appear in front of the board for your final verdict on the status of your medical license. The board will consider many factors regarding your license restoration. They will want to see that you are truly remorseful for the actions you have completed that have lead to this revocation. This can show that you are less likely to do this act again and can practice medicine according to the laws and oath as a doctor. Although you had a three-year hiatus, it is important to show the board that you have been continuing to educate yourself on medical practices during this time. They do not want to see that you did not try to expand your knowledge in the meantime. By continuing your education, it can show your commitment to your occupation and helping people through medicine. It can also prove that you are trying to grow as a physician while maintaining the knowledge that you previously had.

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