What happens at my OPMC hearing?

One of the most dreaded days in a physician’s career is the day they may have to attend a hearing with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct because they have been accused of some form of misconduct. This can end up being the day that ends a career or the day that a physician’s accusations have been cleared and they can continue practicing medicine, hopefully without a tarnished reputation.

There are a number of different things that you should be prepared for when it comes time to attend your hearing. In many cases, your attorney has likely been preparing you for this hearing for months. When you attend a hearing, you should expect it to be similar to a trial. At the hearing, there is a committee that reviews the information submitted about the complaint and the accusations that have been made. They will examine your defenses and ultimately make the decision about whether they believe the charges should be dismissed and you should be able to keep your medical license, if it will be suspended, or if it will be revoked altogether. The hearing committee is made up of two physicians and one other person outside of the medical field who can act as a neutral third party.

The investigation committee will have all of the information they gathered through interviews with witnesses, colleagues, friends, and patients. They will present this information to the hearing committee who will then determine the sanctions.

If you are being investigated by the OPMC, it is crucial that you have strong legal representation from an experienced medical defense attorney.

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