What Happens if I Am Accused of Billing Fraud as a Doctor?

Doctors have a lot on their plates. Rather obviously, their primary concern is the well-being of their patients. Fortunately, most doctors in New York City and throughout the country are dedicated to ensuring their patients are provided with only the best care possible. However, once a doctor is done treating a patient, his job is not entirely done. After treating a patient, a doctor is responsible for billing that patient properly. When the doctor overcharges his or her patients, there is a very good chance that he or she will face serious consequences as a result. Of course, this can sometimes be a simple mistake, however, if you have recently been charged with billing fraud, you are most likely very concerned about your future as a doctor. Read on and reach out to our experienced New York City healthcare misconduct defense attorney to learn more about billing fraud and how we can help if you are facing such charges:

What does it mean if I’ve been charged with billing fraud?

Essentially, patients should know what they are going to pay for a service or medication. When a patient, or his/her insurance company notices that the price of the service/medication was higher than usual, you may face charges of billing fraud as a result. Whether this was an honest mistake or not, it can have very serious repercussions. From here, there is a very good chance that the insurance company will audit your practice to learn more about the overcharging and whether it is a widespread occurrence. You may face either a prospective billing audit or a retrospective audit. A prospective billing audit is performed by someone on your staff before the claim is submitted by the paying patient. A retrospective audit is when errors are found after a claim has been submitted.

What happens if I am charged with billing fraud?

If you are charged with billing fraud, there is a very good chance that you will be subjected to an investigation by the OPMC to determine whether you are responsible for allegedly taking advantage of a patient. If you are found guilty of committing billing fraud, you will most likely have to pay back large sums of money to avoid facing criminal charges. This is why if you have been accused of billing fraud, you must speak with our experienced firm today. We are here to help fight your charges.

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