What is an example of an issue with an Out-of-State Doctor with a New York License?

I’m currently representing a doctor from out-of-state who had a New York State license – and in fact he still has it even though it’s not active – and he got into a great deal of difficulty in the state he was in and had to agree to a consent order that really limited his surgical practice. New York State has decided they are going to prosecute him also because the mere fact that he has been disciplined in another state means that he will be disciplined in New York. What I have done, however, is to get them – them being New York State – to agree to allow this doctor to surrender his New York license.

In doing so, I’m going to cut down on the obvious problems that were raised in the other state and just get him to be able to surrender  his license without any conversation about the other license problem in that state. This way, although it will get reported to the National Practitioner Database and other places, anyone reading it will not get the same feeling about it as they would have gotten had they read again all of the really serious repercussions that were dealt to him because of the conduct in this other state. This really helps the doctor because he doesn’t get this revisited on him yet again and get it all reported yet again to Health Maintenance Organizations and things of that nature. Again, you have to be innovative in these situations because they are very difficult. Sometimes the punishment is unavoidable so what you try to do is minimize the damage as much as possible.

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