What is the Process of Medical License Restoration in New York?

There are many people who have a passion for practicing medicine. When they do, they usually commit their life to it. However, it is possible for a medical professional to make a mistake at some point during their career. Sometimes, these mistakes can make it possible for the individual to lose their medical license. This may be due to substance abuse, malpractice, sexual misconduct, billing fraud, felony convictions, and more. In order for a medical professional to get back to their passion and continue practicing, they are required to have their license reinstated. During this time, it is important to have an experienced New York medical defense attorney on your side to guide you through the process of restoration.

How Do I Apply for Restoration?

In order to have a license reinstated, the medical professional must apply. In doing so, they are required to address three main points:

  • Remorse: The medical professional must show they are sorry for committing the act that resulted in the loss of their license. This can be shown by participating in community service or volunteer work.
  • Rehabilitation: This includes any programs or counseling that relates to the issue that caused the loss of the license. 
  • Reeducation: Medical professions who lose their license must participate and show proof of attending Continued Medical Education (CME) up until their hearing.

What Takes Place in the Hearing?

During the hearing, several panel members will question the medical professional on all matters relating to the loss of their license. Two questions that must be answered in order to have a license reinstated include:

  • Why should your license be reinstated?
  • What will you do if you are reinstated?

Medical professionals are required to satisfy the burden of proof during their hearing. This is done by providing evidence that confirms their participation in activities that show that it is worth it to have their license reinstated and they will continue to be an upstanding medical professional. Throughout this time, witnesses can testify on behalf of the professional to attest to their medical capabilities as well as their character growth. The time spent during the hearing should show the panel that the medical professional has taken the necessary steps to be granted their license back.

Once the hearing is over, the Board will make a decision on whether or not the professional’s license should be reinstated. They will then make a recommendation that is sent to the professional as well as the Committee on the Professions. Once this is done, the application regarding restoration will be considered. 

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