What Types of Complaints Can be Made Against Medical Professionals in New York?

Patients trust that the medical professionals who take care of them will do their best to provide them with the proper standard of care that is owed to them. While this is usually the case, there are times in which a medical professional can make a mistake and be accused of misconduct or malpractice. When this happens, a complaint can be made against the individual by another party. However, there are two types of complaints: OPMC and civil. Continue reading to learn the difference between the two and contact an experienced New York medical defense attorney if you are facing these matters.

What is an OPMC Complaint?

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) is a board of individuals that oversee the work of medical professionals to ensure they are living up to the proper standard of care and practicing medicine ethically. In the event that they do not, the OPMC may receive a complaint regarding the behavior of the professional. These complaints mainly come from the patient of the professional, but they can also come from peers, coworkers, family, and friends as well. 

What is a Civil Complaint?

Instead of making a complaint to the OPMC regarding the actions of a medical professional, a person who believes they are the victim of malpractice can pursue legal action against them. This is possible with a civil complaint against the medical professional, leading to a civil lawsuit. When this happens, the patient who wishes to hold the medical professional liable is required to prove that they engaged in behavior that directly caused their injuries or illness. This must be done with a variety of evidence. If they are successful, the patient may be eligible to receive compensation from the medical professional for their suffering. In addition to this, the medical professional can face disciplinary action by the OPMC, and even lose their medical license in some cases. 

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