What You Need to Know About Appealing OPMC Decisions

If you are a medical professional in New York State, you most likely understand the fact that you are held to a very high standard. When a medical professional is accused of breaching his or her duty of care towards his or her patients, the ramifications that doctor may face can be serious. In fact, if you are accused of misconduct or negligence, there is a very good chance that the Office of Professional Medical Conduct may investigate you as a result. This can have very serious impacts on your career, including potentially prohibiting you from practicing medicine altogether.  That being said, if the OPMC finds you guilty of medical misconduct, though the situation may seem bleak, you can still appeal that decision with the assistance of a knowledgeable New York City medical defense attorney. Continue reading and give our firm a call to learn more about appealing OPMC decisions. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do OPMC investigations work?

Essentially, once you are accused of medical misconduct, you will generally receive a letter from the OPMC informing you that you are currently under investigation. During these investigations, you may be interviewed by the OPMC. The OPMC may also interview your patients, coworkers, past employees, and more, to get a better understanding of your character, the nature of the incident, and various other questions regarding the alleged act of misconduct. At the end of their investigation, the board will determine whether you are guilty of medical misconduct. If they determine you are guilty, you may face a wide array of consequences. Fortunately, for some, the consequence is as simple as a letter of reprimand or probation. However, for others, being found guilty of misconduct can result in them losing their job. If you are found guilty of misconduct and your medical career is at stake, you must strongly consider hiring an NYC medical defense attorney who can work to appeal the decision.

What should I know about appealing an OPMC decision?

To appeal an OPMC decision, your attorney will have to file an appeal with the board and receive a date for your appeal hearing. During an appeal hearing, you and your attorney may present any additional remarks or evidence to prove your case. You will learn of the board’s final agreement within 45 days of you filing your appeal.

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