Who Has Access to My Medical Malpractice Case?

If you had to undergo case proceedings for a medical malpractice allegation, you may want to put the incident behind you as soon as possible. Though, there are different databases that may store this information indefinitely. Follow along to find out who has access to your medical malpractice case and how one of the proficient New York physician defense lawyers at Walker Medical Law can help you avoid this.

What authorities have access to my medical malpractice case?

First of all, it is common for medical professionals to carry malpractice insurance. This serves as a sort of financial protection against any potential claims of medical malpractice that may be thrown their way during their professional career. In New York State, carrying this insurance is strictly optional.

Though, if a medical professional allows their insurance company to settle their medical malpractice case, this settlement will be undoubtedly reported to certain authorities. Namely, they are the National Practitioner Database and the New York State Department of Health Physician Profile page.

What are the differences between these platforms?

For starters, the National Practioner Database is a platform where hospitals and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) can look into the background information of a physician. This background information may detail whether a physician has ever made a medical malpractice settlement, has ever been put on probation, has ever had their medical license limited, or otherwise. With this information in mind, a hospital or HMO will strongly consider whether they want to hire a physician.

Then, there is the New York State Department of Health Physician Profile page. This platform is catered more toward prospective patients so that they can learn background information on a certain physician to decide whether they wish to make an appointment with them.

A physician’s profile may include information about their medical education, in addition to information about any language translation services they may offer. On the other hand, it may also include information about any investigations conducted by the New York State Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). With that being said, the New York Department of Health has the ability to list any kind of settlement and any number of settlements on a physician’s profile. This is so long as they consider the settlement to have had a “serious” outcome.

Therefore, when a physician has a medical malpractice accusation against them, they must thoroughly consider whether it is worthy of fighting against or just settling. This decision is best made with sound legal advice. Without further ado, you must retain the services of one of the talented New York physician defense lawyers. We can assure you that we are passionate about your case, so contact us today.