Why Would a Physician be Investigated by the OPMC?

Medical professionals are typically held in very high regard. They go to school for a long time to become the people who can help others when they are sick and in need. Patients look to their doctors and nurses in some of their biggest times of need and believe they will do their best to care for them. In most cases, this is true. However, there are circumstances in which medical professionals fail to follow the moral standards that are required of them. This can hurt their reputation as well as their patients.

When a medical professional is accused of misconduct, they will receive a letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). This states that a complaint was made against them regarding their behavior. When this happens, the OPMC will launch an investigation into the complaint. All medical professionals fear this happening, as misconduct allegations can violate the trust they have with the board as well as their patients and the public.

Types of Misconduct

When a medical professional is summoned by the OPMC, it is in regard to a violation of their moral code. There are several types of actions that may constitute a complaint being made against a medical professional. This can include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Billing fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Other unlawful actions, such as issuing unnecessary opioid prescriptions

When this happens, the OPMC will begin the investigation. This involves the board to dive into the professional, including how they practice medicine and interact with their patients. It is important to know that just one complaint can cause the OPMC to investigate a physician for the accused action.

Who Can be Investigated by the OPMC?

When a person receives a letter from the OPMC about a complaint, it can be a very stressful time. Being accused of misconduct is not something that is taken lightly. It can detrimentally affect a career that the professional has been building for a long time. Any wrongdoing they may be involved in is a significant cause for concern. Because of this, these matters are taken very seriously.

Some individuals who may receive a complaint against them and be investigated by the OPMC can be any type of medical professional. This can include a general physician, a specialist, physical therapists, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, pharmacists, physician assistants, psychologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, and all other practicing professionals who fall under this category.

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