2 Manhattan Doctors Indicted for Performing 60 Illegal Surgeries

Two doctors, Brad Jacobs and Nicholas Sewell, on the Upper East Side are facing up to 25 years in prison for illegally performing over 60 plastic surgeries. In fact, one of their victims was left permanently disfigured. The doctors partnered together to rent an operating room where they charged unsuspecting patients between $8,000 and $10,000 for illegal plastic surgery procedures. What patients didn’t realize is that Jacobs had his license revoked in 2007 by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct because he smoked crystal meth with one of his patients. According to the NY Post, the OPMC records about Jacobs’ revocation state that his practice was shut down for incompetence, moral unfitness, and gross negligence.

The illegal surgeries went on for four years because patients were required to either pay in cash or write their checks to one of Sewell’s relatives. Jacobs is being held on $4 million bond while Sewell is being held on $2 million bond. The charges they face include first-degree assault, grand larceny, and more. A conviction of these charges could land the two doctors in prison for up to 25 years.

This is one of the more serious cases of medical professional misconduct, as it was not only morally wrong to illegally practice but the doctors are also accused of committing serious crimes.

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