Can alcohol addiction affect a physician?

Alcohol is a powerful substance. For those who drink in moderation, it may not be an issue. Some people only drink on special occasions as a form of celebration. Parties usually contain alcoholic beverages to celebrate a birthday or anniversary and many more events in someone’s life. When these beverages are consumed heavily, they can cause issues for individuals. Some people can become addicted to alcohol. If you are an alcoholic, seeking help is your best way to become sober. It can be hard to get sober on your own. However, alcohol can have such devastating effects on an individual’s life. When someone is addicted, they may consume alcohol every day in large quantities. This can lead them to drive while intoxicated or to perform their job while under the influence.

When physicians are addicted to alcohol, they can be penalized if it affects their job. These individuals are in charge of other people’s health. They see patients every day to determine a cause of treatment for someone’s ailments. If these physicians are under the influence of alcohol, they can greatly affect another individual’s health by giving improper care. This can cause a lawsuit on their hands. A patient can sue the medical professional for medical malpractice due to their performance of working while intoxicated. When this occurs, a medical professional’s medical license may be up for expulsion. This can alter their whole life.

What can I do to fix this?

As a physician suffering from alcohol addiction, you have options available to you to fix the situation before it becomes bleak. You can present your situation to the Committee on Physicians Health, which may be able to provide you with the help you need to change your life for the better. The committee may be able to assist you in getting the help that you need to get sober. A rehabilitation program may be the best path to take for this situation. It can help you  work toward sobriety and getting your personal life back on track before you are able to continue working as a physician. By going through this process, the committee can be aware of your health and understand that you are aware of the situation and have taken means to fix it. This can help protect your medical license since you are taking control of the situation before it gets too out-of-hand. The committee will be able to monitor your progress to ensure you are able to work again.

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