Can an uninsured doctor be protected from legal action?

When a doctor is uninsured due to retirement, they can send the lawsuit papers to their former insurance carrier that they had while they were still practicing medicine. Their former carrier may still be able to provide defense for them. This can be done even if the physician did not opt to purchase the tail of the insurance plan, which includes their time as a retired physician. The company may even try to settle the case on your behalf to avoid entering into litigation. Sometimes you may be legally responsible to repay the insurance company for the case you are about to endure. To do so, you should seek legal counsel to understand the process and what you owe.

After a doctor retires from practicing medicine, they have the option to purchase the tail end of an insurance plan to cover any legal matters that may arise after they are done working as a physician. If they do not wish to purchase this end, they are no longer insured by that insurance company. This means that if they face a lawsuit while in retirement they may be liable for the costs. This can be a heavy financial burden on the individual. In order to learn more about your options, it is best to seek legal aid to provide you with alternatives. Doctors may realize that their workload leading up to retirement is dwindling, causing them to opt out of their post-retirement insurance plan. However, this may be an issue later on if a lawsuit arises.

How is an insured case different?

When doctors are faced with a medical malpractice lawsuit, they can send the papers to the malpractice insurance company to have their case looked over. This can help them gain the right representation for their situation. The company will receive the paperwork and decide which attorney will be designated to that case. The attorney works to protect the doctor from the lawsuit in order to avoid affecting their practice and overall medical reputation. The insurance company can pay the bills for this legal representation. However, in cases where the physician is uninsured, the situation can be different.

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