Can a medical license be restored?

Medical professionals take up this job to help other people. They are very intelligent people due to their scientific knowledge from years of schooling. However, as smart as these healthcare professionals are, they can still make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can cost their jobs and their livelihood though. Some medical professionals may face a time where they are called into questioning for a legal issue regarding a patient or other personal matter. This can cause an investigation. The governing body that oversees this may establish penalties if the medical professional is found to be guilty of their accused behavior or an act.

When a medical professional has to face consequences for something they have done, they can face the possibility of losing their medical license. This can be terrifying. They do not want to see their years of hard work go to waste. Some professionals made one mistake that should not cost them their career and their way of earning a living. This can affect them for the rest of their lives. During this time, medical professionals have the right to acquire legal representation. We can help protect you from losing your medical license. We want to help you maintain your way of living and caring for people.

If you happen to lose your medical license, you may have the opportunity to have it reinstated. This can be life-changing. You can be able to practice medicine again and care for others. Since this has been what you have working for your whole life, make sure to acquire legal counsel to ensure a successful application process. We can help you with the paperwork and guide you through the process of reinstating your medical license. This process can require a lot of patience on your behalf. You cannot apply to have your license restored right away. You will have to wait a period of time before you are able to do so. Doctors that have had their license revoked may have to wait three years before applying to have it restored. Your license is at the discretion of the state, meaning they allow you to practice medicine with this license, which is considered to be a privilege.

When a medical professional is accused of misconduct, it is essential that they retain strong legal representation. If you require a medical law attorney for your legal matters, call Paul E. Walker, an experienced New York City OPMC & OPD Lawyer. Please contact the Walker Medical Law firm to set up a free initial consultation.