Can future patients view OPMC complaints against me?

A physician who has been issued a complaint against them with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct will face serious consequences. Depending on the offense, they may actually lose their license. However, in the event that a physician doesn’t lose their license or they are able to restore their medical license, it will be a difficult road ahead trying to get your practice to become as successful as they once were.

One of the biggest challenges that a medical professional may face when trying to restore their practice is gaining the trust of their patients again. It is important for a patient to be able to instill a certain level of trust in their physician or any other medical professional who may handle their medical information. Medical information and health matters is a highly sensitive topic.

Any accusations and legal actions that are taken against a doctor are available on the New York State Physician Profile. All doctors that are registered within the state are searchable on this feature. Current and potential patients can search for information about you that is mandatory to provide. Some of the required information that is available for all doctors throughout the state include where they received their medical education, any legal action that has been taken against the physician at any time, and translation services available at the physician’s office.

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