What if a patient wrongfully dispute a bill?

Many times a patient will realize that their medical bills cost far more money than they were originally anticipating. In response, that patient may try to file a complaint with the Board of Medical Professionals in order to dispute the fee. This is something that is seen quite often, but it is not considered ethical for a patient to file a report about fraudulent medical billing when in actuality, there was no fraudulence at all.

It is also important that you are aware that these matters are not handled by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. However, if there is a true fee dispute, they will have to go through the medical society for their county within New York State. If you have in fact wrongly billed a patient, you will need the legal representation of an experienced medical defense attorney who can assist you through this process. These can become serious offenses and if it becomes a persistent problem, you may be subject to the revocation or suspension of your medical license.

Wrongful behavior such as billing fraud or insurance fraud may also be considered a criminal offense. This can be serious for a medical professional and any person who commits such an offense will be subject to legal penalties. It is crucial that you obtain strong legal representation in this situation.

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