Can the public see when a complaint has been filed against me?

If a person believes their doctor, nurse, or other medical professional has conducted a wrongdoing of some type, they may file a complaint against them with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. These complaints can result in an investigation into those claims and ultimately may be the reason for which a medical professional loses their license to practice or other serious consequences.

Physicians are required to fill out a physician’s profile that provides information to the public about their education in medicine as well as any legal implications they have faced. If you have faced any complaints that resulted in disciplinary action, this information is available to the public as well.

If a complaint is filed against a physician but it doesn’t result in any action and the investigation finds that the complaint was invalid, it will not appear on the physician’s profile. You should be aware that if you have received disciplinary action from the OPMC and Board of Regents, you will face a number of negative repercussions.

Not only may this impact the volume of patients that come to your office, but you also may have a more difficult time finding a job if you want to join a practice. A potential employer may fear that having a physician with complaints against them may tarnish their reputation as a quality practice. Therefore, if a complaint is made against you, it is crucial that you obtain the services of an experienced medical defense attorney that can work towards protecting your future.

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