Do there have to be multiple complaints before an investigation happens?

When a medical professional is notified that they will be investigated by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, they will definitely be facing a lot of concerns and have a lot of questions because their career may be on the line. For some, finding out that there has been a complaint made against them will come as a complete surprise. For others who know they have committed misconduct, they will likely not be quite as surprised but still worried about having their license revoked or suspended.

One question that some medical professionals accused of misconduct may have is whether there was just one complaint or if there were multiple complaints against them before they receive a letter from the OPMC. The OPMC will send you a letter upon the first complaint that was issued against you. If any more complaints follow suit and come in later on, they will take those into consideration as well. However, just one is enough to spark an investigation into any misconduct you have been accused of.

The OPMC will only consider complaints of things that are actually considered misconduct. A person can not submit a complaint because they didn’t want to pay a completely legitimate bill or they didn’t like your bedside manner. These are not considered actual forms of misconduct in the eyes of medical ethics.

If you have received a letter from the OPMC stating that someone has submitted a complaint about you, it is essential that you consult with a medical defense attorney immediately.

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