OPMC Hearings

When a medical professional in New York City receives a complaint letter from the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, it is important that they receive legal guidance from an experienced OPMC defense attorney as soon as possible. Being accused of misconduct can put an end to a medical professional’s career. When a complaint is issued, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct must launch an investigation into the claims that were made to see if they are true in any way.

After the Office of Professional Medical Conduct finishes their investigation into the claims that were made, they will conduct a hearing in front of the Board to assess the findings and issue a decision on whether the medical professional should face any punishments. It is so important to have an experienced medical professional defense attorney during this time because they can explain the other side of the story and dispute any false claims that may be made.

The Committee

It is important to be aware of the committee that will investigate the claim that was made. The committee typically consists of one non-physician and two physicians. They have the power to request that the medical professional has their medical license temporarily suspended if they believe that there is an immediate threat to patients or the public.

At the hearing itself, the board will determine what disciplinary actions the medical professional may face if they are found guilty. This may include a temporary license suspension, a full revocation, or other types of discipline, such as fines or community service.

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When a medical professional is accused of misconduct, it is essential that they retain strong legal representation. If you require a medical law attorney for your legal matters, call Paul E. Walker, an experienced New York City OPMC & OPD Lawyer. Please contact the Walker Medical Law firm to set up a free initial consultation.