Queens Doctor Charged in Deaths of 3 Patients

News broke this week regarding the arrest of a Queens doctor whose opioid prescriptions led to the deaths of three patients. Not only is the doctor accused of prescribing opioids that led to the overdose deaths of three men, he also allegedly pushed drugs that suppress one’s respiration, effectively creating a dangerous cocktail of drugs.

Dr. Lawrence Choy has been charged with 220 counts of the criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance, reckless endangerment, and manslaughter.

Opioid addiction has become such a huge issue in the United States that it is now considered an epidemic. Law enforcement believes that this doctor created addiction issues for his patients because they did not have an opioid addiction issue before becoming his patient. One of the victims of this tragic situation was given prescriptions for 24 pills per day, with a total of 720 pills. Two of the victims of this criminal behavior passed away from overdoses just three days after being prescribed the pills.

New York State is cracking down on medical professionals who over-prescribe opioids in an effort to combat this tragic epidemic that has claimed the life of many individuals. Often, these addictions start with painkillers prescribed after an injury and turn into so much more.

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