What if I Am Not Fully Truthful When Renewing My Medical License?

When you fill out the application to renew your medical license, you must read the questions carefully. This is because the slightest mistake can be viewed as a lie. Follow along to find out what happens if you are not fully truthful when renewing your medical license and how one of the proficient New York health care professional defense lawyers at Walker Medical Law can help you avoid this.

Why do I have to renew my medical license?

The New York State Department of Health, Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) requires that physicians apply to renew their medical license every two years. This is so the OPMC can determine that a physician is still fit to have practicing privileges. Notably, this renewal packet is usually 15 pages long and mostly consists of questions that can be answered by checking a “yes” or “no” box.

Though this seems like routine paperwork, the OPMC will take your responses quite seriously. That is, they will likely do a deep dive into whether you answered all of the questions with the full truth.

What happens if I am not fully truthful when renewing my medical license?

In your renewal application, you will be asked a question along the lines of, “Are you being investigated by the OPMC?” You must check “yes” to this question, even if you believe that your case was dismissed, is going to get dismissed, is irrelevant to your hospital work, or otherwise. This is because, though it may just be a misunderstanding, the OPMC will view this answer as an intent to deceive and a direct illustration of your moral character. So not only will you have to face the misconduct charges related to your OPMC investigation, you will have to deal with the charges related to your falsifying information on your application.

The same goes when you are asked a question along the lines of, “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” You must answer “yes” regardless of the situations surrounding your case (i.e., you were out of state when you committed the crime, you are in the process of getting your crime expunged from your criminal record, etc). Ultimately, you will be in a much worse situation if you lie than if you just admit to the crime.

With all that being said, it would be a mistake to check off “no” to questions that you do not fully understand. It would also be a mistake to have your secretary or other employee fill out this application for you. Rather, it would be in your best interest to go through this paperwork with one of the New York physician defense lawyers by your side. Call to retain our services today.