What is the OPMC?

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct is in place to monitor medical professionals as they continue to practice medicine. If issues are to arise, they can be heard by this committee. When medical professionals face lawsuits or other incidents, they may be sentenced to penalties by the OPMC. This professional board is a disciplinary sanction by the New York State Health Department of Health. It is in place to make sure that healthcare professionals are practicing according to the law. They should not abuse their power in any way. They should do their jobs as healthcare professionals and take care of their patients as needed.

What authority do they have?

This governing board over medical professionals has the ability to make decisions regarding your medical license. If they see fit, they may revoke your medical license. This may be done in severe circumstances. However, you should always make sure to acquire representation when you are facing this committee. They can also dole out various other consequences that can affect your ability to carry out your job. The board has the authority to interview your past patients. They can do this to find out more information on your practice and your persona as a doctor. This may be able to build evidence to a case that has been brought against you.

The OPMC also has the ability to interview your past employees. They can gain a great deal of information from these employees and from patients. In order to protect yourself and your future as a medical professional, you should always make sure to acquire legal counsel at this time. The board can have more serious effects on your life than you may expect.

Can I face other committees?

In addition to the OPMC, other boards or committees may conduct an investigation into your actions or your practice. This may be undertaken by the state’s department of health. Hospitals may also take legal action against you that can have negative effects. During these times, it is best to receive the legal help that you need. This does not mean you are guilty. It means that you value your profession and do not want to see your hard work go to waste.

When a medical professional is accused of misconduct, it is essential that they retain strong legal representation. If you require a medical law attorney for your legal matters, call Paul E. Walker, an experienced New York City OPMC & OPD Lawyer. Please contact the Walker Medical Law firm to set up a free initial consultation.