What should I know about substance abuse and my practice?

If you are are a medical doctor and you are found to have a substance abuse issue, you will likely lose your medical license that the state board granted you. Substance abuse is taken very seriously. Unfortunately, this is a common issue seen amongst the community of medical professionals because they have access to so many different pharmaceuticals.

Some physicians find themselves in a situation where they have not lost their license to practice yet but they do realize that they are struggling with substance abuse. The best thing one can do in this situation is to obtain professional help such as entering a rehabilitation facility so they don’t put themselves at a higher risk of losing their license. The board will not want you to practice if they believe your substance abuse issue is impairing you in the workplace or your workplace is only encouraging you to continue this behavior.

If you are proactive and get professional help for your substance abuse issue, there is less of a chance that your license will be revoked. The OPD may realize that you are doing what you can to help yourself and are working to overcome this battle. The worst thing that can happen during this turbulent time is to have your license revoked. You will not be able to practice for at least three years before you are able to reapply for your medical license to be reinstated. The bottom line is, if you are facing substance abuse issues, the best thing you can do for yourself as a physician and for every other aspect of your life is to get help.

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