Why is it important to update my physician profile?

In New York State’s Public Health law, physicians are required to have a profile that provides the general public and current/future patients with information regarding their history as a practicing physician. Section 2995-a of the Public Health Law requires that any physician updates their profile at least six months before their registration period expires. If you fail to keep your physician’s profile updated, you may find yourself in legal trouble with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

If the Office of Professional Medical Conduct believes that the withholding of any required information is an immoral act. However, some information is not required to be given in your physician’s profile under the Public Health Law. Though it is recommended, not required, some other information that doctors may want to include are the information of the practice, the awards won by the doctor or practice, any published works written by the physician, and the insurance plans that are accepted by the practice.

Having an updated physician profile can give you an advantage when potential patients are searching for a new doctor. If you have questions or concerns about creating your physician’s profile and the laws associated with it, you should contact an experienced medical law attorney who can provide you with assistance in this manner.

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