Why Might I Lose My New York Medical License?

You will need to possess a valid medical license if you wish to practice medicine anywhere in the United States. Possessing a medical license illustrates that the state that issued it to you believes you have the requisite skills, education, reputability and temperament to be a doctor. However, the state does not issue medical licenses unconditionally. The licensing authority will not hesitate to revoke it if you give them any reason to believe that you are using your license in an unethical, unrespectable or inappropriate manner. If you would like more information on what could cause you to lose your medical license, please continue reading, then contact one of our experienced New York health care professional defense lawyers today. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might lose your New York medical license:

Substance abuse

When physicians are practicing medicine, licensing authorities expect them to be sober and clear-headed. As a result, they are likely to seek the revocation of your license if they learn that you are abusing drugs or alcohol. However, if you are open and honest with them about your addiction issues, many licensing boards will be able to help you find treatment.

Insurance fraud

Just as licensing authorities expect you to remain sober, they expect you to be ethical and honest at all times, especially when you are dealing with insurance companies. You will likely run into significant trouble with the licensing board if you knowingly:

  • Use incorrect codes
  • Change medical records
  • Charge uninsured patients different rates than insured patients

Generally, you should avoid committing insurance fraud if you wish to keep your medical license.

Prescription drug violations

Medical licenses grant their possessors the power to prescribe potentially life-saving medication to their patients, but some forget or disregard the responsibility that comes with their prescription pads. The licensing board will launch an investigation into your conduct if they find that you are:

  • Prescribing unneeded medication
  • Operating a pill mill, or
  • Otherwise abusing your powers

You may no longer possess your license to practice medicine after the licensing board has settled on the inquiry.

Patient abuse

In your role as a physician, patients and their families afford you a great deal of trust. You will almost certainly find yourself in front of a licensing board investigative panel if you are found to be taking advantage of that trust and abusing your patients. Some of the quickest ways to lose a medical license include committing acts of:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Unethical behavior

The licensing board expects you to treat all of your patients equally. As such, you will have great difficulty if they find that you discriminate against some of your patients due to factors such as their:

  • Race
  • Gender, or
  • Religion

If you face any of the above-listed accusations, please reach out to a skilled OPMC/OPD misconduct defense lawyer today.

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